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The Importance of Living Colour.

I could rave on endless hours about the overall social importance of an all African American band, but i leave this to Michael Ostrich.
Instead I just say happy birthday to Vernon Reid.

Happy birthday to you too: Tori Amos, Layne Staley, GZA and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Justin Currie – Lower Reaches

Del Amitri was never my cup of tea apart from their final album ‘Can You Do Me Good?’. But Herr Currie’s solo workings are simply stunning. He  got the voice and the arrangements are nothing less than brilliant.

Just like the first two solo albums his third is absolutely superb.

Too give you an idea here is one from ‘Lower Reaches’:

The Album can be Found here.


Welcome Back Tears for Fears!

There is no doubt: Tears for Fears were one of my favorite bands throughout the eighties. So there is no need to say i am quite happy to have them back:

It is ‘just’ a cover version of an Arcade Fire tune, but still it is very, very nice.