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[WTF!] Japanese Doing What They Do Best: Confusing Me! BabyMetal – Gimme Chocolate – Video


This is it,  Japan has done it again!

Losing their game against Drogba (i had a different result on my list!!!)
And completely confusing me – because:

What is the result of crossbreeding a lolita fetish schoolgirl trio / future-cop stuff / the holy mother mary in the background / bubblegum pop vocals & chorus / 100% 90ies rave hoover-synth-sounds & trashing Slipknot like backing-music?

Answer A:  An utterly confused me
Answer B: Babymetal
Answer C: Both!




[Watch!!!] Honestly, I Love the Official Video for GusGus’ Crossfade – Now Here! No Need to Leave or Going to Mexico :-)


Honestly, i have watched GusGus’ new clip for Crossfade too many times by now (that is what other people might say), but Tommy Kha included so many beautiful details that it is a pleasure to listen and watch this for the kazillionth time.

The beautiful thing is i can do it here now, without going to Mexico or Zeit-Online…. :-)

Here you go (an me too – again)!:



[Watch!!!] It Started this Very Second – Now Reclaim the Game! Funk FIFA!


The track has been our for several days now, but i waited with this post ’til the very second of the kick-off.

The first game of the ‘2014 World Cup Brazil’ just started and it could be a wonderful thing if the international football wasn’t ruined by some greedy old men.

As the Poppies say: Reclaim the Game! Funk FIFA!

My personal soundtrack to the 2014 world cup.



And some words by Crabbi himself on SkySports


[Watch!!] Mindmeltingly Beautiful Video for Vicktor Taiwò’s Digital Kids


From time to time you come across stuff on the net that simply blows your mind, the animated classical paintings by Rino Stefano Tagliaferro on vimeo from some months back are an example for something like that.

The idea, the execution and skills, the love for detail – wow.

So now here we have that video again, used for a song by Vicktor Taiwò.
This combination is simpy awesome – before the video was mindblowing – now this is mind-melting – it is one of those clips that simply ate my brain.

Bravo Vicktor!!!  Bravissimo Rino!!!

(And because the clip is so beautiful i thought: ahh eff that and embedded it in 720p – no matter what your bandwith might be – SO GO FULLSCREEN DARLING!!!)




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