So I gave you the Choir of Old Welsh Guys singing ‘Good Times’, the Russian Army Choir doing ‘Skyfall’ and the Muppets rocking ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, but this time it is a Russian Police Choir performing ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk…

This will be tune they will be humming after beating up a ‘gay western capitalists’ in Sochi next February.
Brilliant Choice!!!

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Like in this picture Mr.Numan always comes across very darkish, but as you can easily see after a few minutes into this interview he is a lovely, charming and witty person full of humour, talking about his career, his wife, asperger, the weather, ‘waldorf-schools’ music in general, music technology and the night of the living dead.

If you have 60 minutes to spare: this is a must watch!


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I am sorry Tim, i had to skip ‘Megablast’ and jumped straight to 4:04 – Beat Dis – still kickin’! Love Dis!


Bomb The Bass – Mega Dis from O*Solo Recordings on Vimeo.

25th Anniversary EP — 'Mega Dis'

To celebrate a quarter of a century in existence, Bomb The Bass emphatically blows out the birthday candles with some of their biggest tunes. As the name suggests, 'Mega Dis' is a fusion of 'Megablast' and 'Beat Dis', both given 21st century updates packed with percussion, driving bass lines and acidic synths. Flipside is 'Bug Powder Dust (2013 ReDusted)', taken out of its own body but retaining that killer bass riff, of course!

Bomb The Bass – Mega Dis
Taken from the 'Mega Dis' EP 2013
Video Produced and Directed by Eni Brandner
Additional visuals by Paul Conboy
p&c 2013 O*Solo Recordings

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You don’t have to work for the FBI to find out about my deep fondness for Tears for Fears, so it is no wonder that i have to share this wonderful and very long interview about their early days.

And i think it is the right time to share the story about the restoration of Ian Stanley’s Fairlight CMI III workstation over at Failed Muso’s Blog.


Read about the resurrection of the Fairlight and keep the fingers crossed that those lovely disks (labeled ‘BadMan’ for example) are still working, because they might contain some hidden treasures. (Already afraid Curt? ;-) )

So a.) head over to the Quietus for the interview
and b.) take a look at this wonderful piece of ancient technology on lovely Mr.Rob Puricelli’s Blog.

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So nice to have Paddy McAloon back.
New single and a new album after 12 years of silence (apart from the unofficial and official old stuff).

The new album will be released on October 7th. The title of the album is Crimson/Red.

It features 10 new songs:

  • The Best Jewel Thief In The World
  • List of Impossible Things
  • Adolescence
  • Grief Built The Taj Mahal
  • Devil Came A Calling
  • Billy
  • The Dreamer
  • The Songs Of Danny Galway
  • The Old Magician
  • Mysterious

There is a nice interview with Mr. McAloon in the Guardian as well, can be read here.

But now listen:

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My list of concerts is long, very long, yet there a still some bands and artists that i didn’t manage to see when they toured back in the days.
One ranking very high on my personal wish list definitely is ‘Blancmange’.
Now they will tour again and i will not be able to this them again, flying over to Britain for a gig is simply not possible at the moment (no time / no money :-P ).

What makes it extra-hard is the fact that they have re-recorded one of my all time favorite albums ‘Happy Families’ which will be called ‘Happy Families, Too’ and will be sold only at the venues. Hmmm – what a pity!


This is what their website says:

The Maiden Aunts of electronic music return to the stage this November to perform the whole of their debut album Happy Families live for the first time, with the songs which won popular acclaim three decades ago given a 21st century spin. Specially re-recorded by Blancmange – and rechristened Happy Families, Too… – the new recording will be on sale exclusively at tour venues.

Here are the tour dates:

  • 3 November Clitheroe, The Grand
  • 4 November Darwen, Library
  • 5 November Darwen, Library
  • 6 November Manchester, Soundcontrol
  • 8 November Newcastle, Think Tank
  • 9 November Southampton, The Brook
  • 10 November Brighton, Concorde 2
  • 11 November Wolverhampton, Robin
  • 12 November Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
  • 13 November Liverpool, Erics
  • 14 November Wakefield, The Hop
  • 15 November London, The Garage
  • 16 November Cardiff, Ifor Bach


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